Thursday, October 30, 2008

The morning after

Just talked to Jen.  She got to feed Elijah last night at 10, 2:30 and 5.  Fun.  He is a little frustrated that he can't get more milk faster...impatient little bugger.  He was very mad after all the feeding, he spit up his hard-earned milk.  She thinks there's a good chance that Elijah will be discharged from the nursery and moved into her room today.  That's pretty exciting, since it means all his systems are working right and he's getting enough to eat.  They will probably wait another day or two before sending everyone home.
We're hoping that they will let him out in time for Trick or Treats at Amazon on Friday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Toby-

Congratulations! You are a big brother now. Elijah is lucky to have you as a big brother. You can teach Elijah how to read and count. That is so exciting! Please give your mom and dad a hug for me.