Monday, November 3, 2008


Sorry we haven't posted in a while.  The "eagle" is keeping us busy.  But last night he slept from 1:30-5 which was a relief, and we got an extra hour of nap in the morning, because we had forgotten to set my clock forward yesterday.  we went to see Drew the pediatrician (aka Dr. Fillipo) today, and he said that Toby is back to his birthweight, which is faster than expected.  And he is doing well all around.  Jen is authorized to use the special door back to the exam rooms, rather than waiting in the waiting room, supposedly because Elijah is a preemie.  he waved us past a bunch of waiting families today.  That was pretty cool to be a frequent flyer...actually, he waved jen and elijah past, and made me wait in line to pay the bill.  Hmmm......

We are having the bris at noon on wednesday, which is pretty exciting but kind of scary.  Toby didn't have one because of all his medical problems, so this will be the first one either of us has ever attended. 

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